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Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Trip Day 1

So, 600 miles later, I'm in a Hampton Inn in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  The first day of the trip was uneventful.  I didn't leave Phoenix until about 10:30 because of my manicure so it was a late start.  I was dressed in shorts, sandals and a short sleeve shirt and when I stopped in Flagstaff to put gas in the car, I about froze to death.  It was about 50 and windy.  The rest of the day, the temp ranged from 46 to 54.  I wonder why I didn't realize that it would be so much chillier.

I stopped in albuquerque at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and then on to Santa Rosa.  I stopped here because it was getting dark and I don't like to drive after dark, especially when I don't know where I'm going.

Northern Arizona and western New Mexico are beautiful places.  I saw mountains, canyons, mesas, bluffs and a lot of tumbleweed.  For awhile, it looked like I was driving on the surface of another planet.  What was really amazing was the wide open spaces.  Mile after mile of undeveloped land.

I guess I'll get a few hours of sleep and then do it all over again.  Tomorrow's goal is Dallas.

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