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Sunday, May 1, 2011

On the Eve of the Road Trip

So, my apartment in Scottsdale is all packed in the back of my SUV.  There is just enough room in my car for me, my sister and our suitcases.  Oh, yeah and a box of window treatments that Fran made that I'm picking up in Dallas.  One set goes to my granddaughter's room in Ft. Thomas, KY and the other set gets installed in my living room in Baltimore.  There isn't an inch of extra space.  Marty and I had planned to ship a couple of boxes of clothes but we ended up shipping 8 boxes.  We had 5 of those boxes in the car but the passenger seat was all the way forward and I couldn't live with putting my 70 year old sister in that cramped space for 4 or 5 days of driving.  Also, when I sat in the driver's seat, my knees were hitting the steering column and I couldn't see out the back window at all.  I threw a little fit and got Marty to take out a bunch of stuff and take it to Fed Ex.  Now, Fran can be comfy and I can see out the back window.

One thing I've loved about being in Scottsdale these last few years is the Lamar Spa.  It is a great spa and competes with all the fancy big resort spas here but doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I dig there pedicures.  I've also found the perfect person to do my nails.  I have been getting a manicure every other week for the last couple of years.  My nails have looked great.  In fact, I have one last appointment tomorrow morning at 9:15 to get them done one final time.  Then, I'm going to hit the road.

When I drove my car out here a few years ago, I dropped my sister off in Dallas and then drove to El Paso and spent the night before driving the rest of the way to Scottsdale.  Texas is one big ass state!  This time I've decided to head northeast (for El Paso, I would be heading southeast) and spend tomorrow driving through New Mexico.  I don't know if the drive will be any prettier but I do know that it cannot be worse than driving through southern Texas.

I don't know where I'm going to be staying yet but I'll see how far I get before I get tired.  I woud like to get as far as possible so that I can arrive at my sister's in Plano by mid to late afternoon.  We'll see.    Looking at the map, I may be staying in Santa Rosa, NM tomorrow night.  Or, if I get to cruising, I may make it all the way to Amarillo, TX.

Yesterday, Marty and I took a break from the packing and took a trip to my favorite bead store in Scottsdale, Scottsdale Bead Supply.  It was my last visit until I don't know when.  I bought some lovely beads  (red backed abalone and green jasper).  I'm sad to be leaving such a great store behind.  Perhaps, I'll be able to visit them again when I come back next year for the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show.

I'll let you know how the drive goes tomorrow.

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