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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sparkly Things

Hmmm, sparkly things.  Some days I feel like a squirrel going about my business collecting all the sparkly things I can find.  I don't really have to have a use for a sparkly thing to want it.  For some unexplainable reason, I'm attracted to many things but those with sparkle are my favorite.  I can't help but touch them, weigh them in my hands while the shimmers off its facets and imagine all the wonderful pieces I could make, if I could only have them.  Of course, the next step involves me shelling out lots of dollars so I can have the privilege of owning yet another sparkly thing.  Once I own it, I take it home with me.  All the new sparklies get places of honor in my collection.  Maybe it sits on my jewelry desk.  Maybe it goes directly into a current project.  Maybe it sits on the dining room table for a few days and every time I walk by, I take it out of the bag and dream of what we can make together.  I know that one day I'll pick it up and know immediately what it needs to become.  That is a great moment!  That is the moment I know that purchasing one more sparkly thing was not only a good idea but also my destiny.

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