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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah, The Awful Waiting...

  • So, I don’t know how many of you have tried to build an online business before but if you have, you’ll recognize that I’m spending a lot of my time waiting for someone to buy something.  Anything.  I’ve done all the background stuff:  I’ve set up this blog.  I’ve now got a “Jill’s Jewelry” facebook page.  I have stores on Etsy and on Artfire.  I’ve passed out hundreds of business cards.  I’ve exploited all of my friends and all of their friends.  I’ve created really cool jewelry out of only the best components.  I’ve priced it fairly and now I wait.
    It’s true that I’ve had about 20 sales.  And, that is nothing to sneeze at.  However, it isn’t going to keep me warm in my old age (which is unfortunately, rapidly approaching).
    Everyone who sees my jewelry tells me that it is beautiful.  I think it is beautiful.  
    Why aren’t they buying it?  Maybe it’s because it is too risky to buy from an unknown entity.  Maybe it’s because you can’t really see the details of the jewelry by looking at a picture.  Maybe it’s because the right customers are not seeing my stuff.  Maybe it’s because I stole a piece of bubble gum when I was 5.  Who knows?  I only know that I’ll continue waiting and creating for as long as it takes.

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