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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Boy's Room

Those of you who know me know what a large part of my life is devoted to family.  I love my kids (and my kids by marriage) and I'm so grateful that we have such a strong relationship.  That said, I head over heels nuts about my grandkids.  When I was younger I used to hear people taking about how great it was to have grandkids.  I remember thinking, sure, grandkids are nice but get over it.  It is hard to describe but there is something really special about seeing your child holding and caring for a child of his/her own.  The first time you see that is one of those special moments in life that you hope you will never forget.

I'm not a particularly emotional or lovey/dovey person.  However, when I saw Drew holding my first grandchild, I fell apart.  It was so amazing that for the longest time, I could't even begin to put what I felt into words.  Of course, I've seen him holding and caring for his children thousands of time since then.  It doesn't generate that intense, overwhelming emotion that the first time did but it gives me great pleasure every time.

I guess I'm telling you this because it is my justification for devoting two of my six bedrooms specifically to my grand kids.  My grand kids live about 500 miles from me.  Since they are still too young to travel by themselves (airlines require them to be 5 to fly unaccompanied by an adult).  Even at 5, I doubt my granddaughter (she will be the first to be 5) would be willing to fly without an adult.  When the boys reach 5, that may be a different story.  At any rate, they visit my house only once or twice every year.  That doesn't matter to me.  I want them to feel like they have a room of their own in my house and to know that they are welcome at any time, with or without their parents.

I've recently completed (well, mostly) the room for the twin boys.  It isn't anything special.  No spectacular kids decorations.  No murals or car beds, etc.   It is just a room that I hope two small boys will like and feel comfortable in.  They share a room at home so I decided that they would want to do the same here.  Of course, with 6 bedrooms we can always do another room if one of them wants to have his own room in the future.

I chose to do the room in blue, chocolate brown and lime green.  I generally hate themed rooms, especially for kids.  How many little boys have bedspreads and decals from the movie Cars, or Thomas the Train or some other commercial character?  I know kids like it but for me, it seems like a bit of a cop out.  If you do that route, you don't put anything of yourself in the room.  I want the boys to know that I put the room together, with love, just for them.  So obviously the room doesn't have a theme.

Their comforters have rockets on them.  For a long time I looked for comforters that were just striped or color blocked.  Anything that would allow me to use the room as a guest room when the boys weren't here.  However, when I saw the rocket comforters, I fell in love with them.  One of my grandsons, Owen, is crazy about the moon so I've given him rockets to provide transportation for his dreams.

The room has two twin beds.  One of them is a trundle bed so if they ever have a guest with them to spend the night, they too will have a place to sleep.  The other bed has drawers under it that they will be able to use to store their secret treasures.  There are only two other pieces of furniture in the room, a large wooden chest and a bookcase full of cubby holes for storing toys.  They each have a blue reading lamp with a shade with blue and lime green circles that sit on the end of the bookcase which also acts as a night stand.

I've ordered a rug that hasn't arrived yet.  The rug is made out of old blue jean pockets.  I can't wait to see it in there.

Finally, I've ordered a couple of decals from Etsy seller Just The Frosting to put on the wall over each of their beds.  Here is a sample of what the decals will look like.  The colors will be slightly different, lime green, and blue.

The boys are visiting in a couple of weeks and I really can't wait to see them sleeping and playing in their room.  Soon, I'll show you what I did with Sophie's room.


  1. It's clear there is so much love in this room. I can't wait for the boys to see it in person!

  2. Where did you order this fabulous rug?? I would love to get one.


  3. I absolutely LOVE your denim rug. Do you have a pattern for it? Or can you tell me what you put on the bottom so it doesn't slide?

  4. Would love to see how the rug looks in the room.