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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Burning Question

Here it is ...

How can a person who has managed to dress themselves for about 55 years suddenly become unable to put on underwear without falling down?

Seriously, how is this even possible?

A few days ago while I was getting dressed, I managed to fall down while attempting to put on underwear.  I have, in the past been able to do this without incident.  When I say "in the past", I really mean for the last 54 years.  However, without warning,  it seems that I've lost this ability.

While attempting to put on my underwear, my toe became caught in the underwear I was attempting to put on.  I jumped around for a second or two trying to regain my balance and recover.  Failing miserably, I fell to the floor, struck my elbow on a closet shelf and hit my head on a suitcase being stored in my closet.  I wasn't seriously hurt but did have a few battle wounds to investigate after I stopped laughing...a huge, deep bruise on my arm and a bump on my head.

If anyone can offer any insight as to why or how this happens, please leave me a comment.  I'm searching for an answer to the question of  how a reasonably normal middle age woman loses her ability to dress herself.  I'm also wondering what comes next.  Perhaps I'll forget how to tie my shoes.

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