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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Guild, JCUIN, has some very talented artists

I like to try to feature other artisans from my guild at least once each month.  Here are the artisans I'm featuring this month.  You really should visit their shops and see what other wonderful items they have made.

First, check out these great earrings from Fine and Dandy.
Next, I visited Jewery Arte by Stella Wisner and found these wonderful green enameled earrings.  Check these out:
Now, on to another shop, Baubles Handcrafted Jewelry.  Here I made another discovery which I have to share with you.  I really think these are lovely:
Then I visited Andrea Nicole Zagaris' studio and found some amazing stuff.  Here is one of her earring creations.  I absolutely love this one.
Although I stopped in Artistic Pendants looking for earrings to share on this blog, I was quickly sidetracked by her lovely pendants.  Here is an example of her work:
The last studio I stopped in was Epicetera where I found these  lovely earrings.  I bet they put you in the mood for snow.  I know they did me.
Finally, I'll end with a pair of earrings from my studio.
I hope you've enjoyed visiting some of our guild member's shops and seeing some of their fabulous creations.

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