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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Joy of Womanhood

This morning, when I was getting dressed, I happened to notice that my toenails were a mess.  My polish was beginning to peel and otherwise look pretty sad.  So the first thing I did when I got to the office was, of course, make an appointment for a pedicure.  My appointment was this afternoon at 5:30.

While I was sitting in the pedicure chair enjoying the massaging chair, my feet soaking in hot water and some smelly things, I started thinking that I was really glad that I was a girl.  Can you imagine going through your life without getting to do or wear the things women do.  I know men can get pedicures but they usually don't.  This is something that I cannot understand.  Why wouldn't you want to have someone massage your feet and legs?

Can you imagine not wearing jewelry?  Who can live like that?  I know some women talk about the joys of being able to carry a baby.  They believe that this is the ability that makes us special.  In fact, I guess it does but I don't often think that I'm glad that I'm a woman because I can give birth.   First of all, giving birth is something that most women choose to do early in their adult lives.  It's not like you can keep having children forever.  Sooner or later you're going to stop.

I'm glad I'm a woman because I get to have pedicures and wear jewelry.  And, I don't have to stop getting pedicures or wearing jewelry until I die.  Who could ask for more?

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